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Our Mission

Inspired by the passionate activists, organizers, voters, politicians and Floridians she has met while serving as the Minority Leader in Florida’s House of Representatives, Rep. Fentrice Driskell founded How We All Win in 2021. Our organization provides a community where all liberal Floridians can unite to share resources, support, and ideas in an environment of compassion, collaboration, and care. Together, we will realize our vision of a Florida that offers everyone the freedom to be healthy, safe, and prosperous.

Why We Fight

What does it look like for everyone to have freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe?



We’re fostering a healthier society by helping people understand how legislation impacts their daily lives and what they can do to fight for what they believe in. We deserve clean air and water; reasonable access to health care; preservation of Social Security and Medicare programs; and protection of abortion access.


Ensuring that our communities support good paying jobs and access to quality education is just the beginning. Prosperity also means that we have the resources to engage in the pursuit of happiness instead of living paycheck to paycheck. We champion economic growth and policies that support a living wage, access to safe and affordable housing, and protection from the corruption of corporate greed.


Nobody should have to live in fear. We believe in implementing reasonable gun safety laws and secure food supplies; that our communities should be well served by a well regulated police force; and that making voting simple is an excellent way to promote the common good. We advocate for justice, fairness, and work every day to promote policies that protect the rights and freedoms of all individuals.

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We can only make a free Florida a reality with your support. Can we count on you to make a donation today to help us unite the people of Florida?

Today, a bill reached DeSantis’ desk that puts a third of teachers’ union chapters at risk of shutting down.

We went from applauding teachers during the pandemic to now taking away their freedom of speech & freedom to collectively organize & bargain.

Florida deserves better.

So excited to restart #FridaysWithFentrice! Share some comments about your thoughts on Florida Politics or whatever’s on your mind so I can respond!🫶🏾

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